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Located near the Taichung Art Museum, road lined with lush trees, the collection of humanities, arts and aesthetics, Deryu showroom that is located here, in 2013 September 24th grand opening of Deryu showroom has over 330 square meters, to create patterns bulthaup brand new concept showroom, personally penned by interior architectural design teacher Mr. Chen Jianyi, looking through more careful design and planning, to convey accurate bulthaup spirit of the brand, so you feel a profound bulthaup Bauhaus atmosphere. Deryu uphold bulthaup factory outlets to convey the atmosphere of "less is more”, with neat lines, but with three arched windows Omo classical projection of natural light coming in, creating a soft and comfortable light , with beige paint tone for the visual more extension, but also to the visual focus naturally falls in bulthaup kitchens.

Meanwhile showroom also off-white paint between the background, creating a sense of a large area of the sense of space and space to penetrate, and into the building concept of soft architecture, the showroom no extra decoration, with "pure" show the easiest Bauhaus spirit, immersive feel comfortable without oppression, and sketched out the contours of a dream home.

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After twenty years resided near An ping River, Bonyu Kitchen Showroom decided to relocate in Autumn and moved to a much cultural blended new location. It is nearly 400-ping exhibition space, with 40 meters front isle in Linsen Road Green Park Avenue.
The porch aisle outside of the exhibition hall is the definition of bold and simple design which is the ideal location for bulthaup.
Surround scenery of the showroom naturally correspond with it artistic atmosphere here inside of Bonyu.

Entering front reception area, the photo wall contains story of bulthaup with three generations of family heritage, from the beginning of the first island to a perfect incorporation of Bauhaus design.
bulthaup have always followed the spirit of the people to create the ultimate living space in the center space, we planned a large island with plenty of working spaces and full function cooking area with multiple storage compartments.
It is definitely a clever fusion of kitchen functions and emotional combine into one.

bulthaup b2 is designed by the well-known Austrian design team EOOS , breaking the traditional kitchen design, simple yet compatible with fire and water points,
also it is definitely the kitchen frontier of total different innovation space; that brings family together to share and cherish the moment of time.

Monoblock is like a piece of artwork that consist of one stainless steel island with perfect 45-degree angle,
following the brand’s spirit keeping it simple yet elegant, next to the floating kitchen creating captivating space atmosphere.

“Tainan Showroom - Bonyu” will start its journey with the concept of "Living Gallery" and is expected to become part of Tainan’s exclusive landmark as the year goes on.

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Bonze showroom is located in Kaohsiung opposite to the City Hall; surrounded by lush urban rare shade and twelve meters wide side-walk. German ultra-white glass design forty-nine meters exhibition floor window, like a jewel box-like hall; to approximately 2,000 square meters flagship posture, providing consumers with high-quality kitchen experience. This design is purely for showing and touching bulthaup style living space. Using wall panel to separate the moving lane, may have internal efficiency and reduce construction beams affect the sense of space for the showroom; spacious design in addition to outside, bulthaup more carefully focused on mastery of light, therefore, Bonze try to reduce the light for display too strong direct lay on product, and then to create a soft diffuse light atmosphere. Simple, bright design entrance at the reception, allowing the customer in the most relaxed atmosphere bulthaup understand subtleties and obtain the relevant practical information they need. In the reception space, using the European elm wood cabinet and high-technology laser seamless b3 Monoblock reception desk, the purpose is to make every customer can experience the beauty of the German classic charm.

Follow behind the reception counter, is the actual operation of the demonstration kitchen; on the first floor of the focus of the showroom center. In this space, which not only clever blend of various kitchen functions and emotional needs in one, but in a different way to b3 series presents unique design suspended wall system. The right side of the showroom hall is a sight of rolling green for Siwei 3rd Rd.; this area is able to introduce lots of natural light, we placed bulthaup b2 kitchen completely in front of plain white wall. Simple toolbox with stainless steel work bench, random placement of Carl Hansen & Søn chairs, people feels like being in a corner of the park in Europe, the owner can willfully relax with nature. In Bonze showroom, people have a secluded paradise-like freshness; take bulthaup kitchen again explained the role defined in the home space, creating modern life slowliving luxury.

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