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bulthaup b Solitaire

bulthaup b Solitaire represents the entire living space. The b Solitaires give space for flexibility, but can also be integrated as familiar elements. They accompany and grow with people along their journey throughout life. Humans feel most at ease in the company of others and when they are surrounded by personal items that are important to them. These things are symbols that relate to us and our lives.

The new elements provide the perfect setting for this need. Since you can choose your own personal items, a b Solitaire becomes your own personal b Solitaire. A solid foundation is the basis for each construction. An open, matt-black aluminum frame provides the basis for the bulthaup b Solitaire. On this platform, you can orchestrate change to satisfy future desires and requirements. Thus, a b Solitaire combines with var-ious overlays and fittings for the duration of its service life.

The small aluminum frame can, for example, be fitted with solid oak, stainless steel or glass. There is a choice of various fitting elements such as grids, shelves, pull-out trays in oak – either with or without a glass top. Users determine the number of levels they require and can choose what height they are positioned at. Freely positionable in space and operable from all sides, the b Solitaires function as structuring as well as connecting elements due to their lightweight and transparent appearance.

The most precious moments are those spent together at the table. They stay in our memory and make life so special. This is where deep-rooted values such as family and friendship are rediscovered. The bulthaup b Solitaire table, bench and bench cushion in leather accompany these extraordinary moments.